Swept Bend Guide

Swept Bend Guide

Swept Bend Guide

10mm Swept Bend Guides are designed exclusively for 15mm Double Pipe Cover and Flat Corners. The guide is compatible with 10mm Talon Hinged Clips & 15mm Talon Hinged Clips with 10mm Reducers.

The 10mm Flat Corner Guide is designed for use with flexible plastic 10mm pipe installed under Talon 15mm Double Pipe Cover. The 10mm guide helps ease losses in water flow rate around Flat Corners under Pipe Cover by sweeping a flexible pipe around a larger radius than can be achieved by the use of elbow fittings.

Step 1

Fix 10mm Double Pipe template to the installation (wall) surface using three No.10 or No.12 countersunk fixing.

Step 2

Install 10mm flexible plastic pipe around the guide within the two grooves. The minimum smallest curve (radius) of the pipe will be 80mm.

Step 3

After completing the steps in the diagram (Swept Bend Guide datasheet) add Talon Backplates or Hinged Clips where needed to hold the pipe and cover lengths (see Pipe Cover datasheet for more information)

Step 4

Apply uPVC Solvent Weld Glue to both the cover and Flat Corner Accessory as shown in (Swept Bend Guide datasheet). Fit the accessory over the assembly. The fitting must sit on top of the cover lengths.

Step 5

Complete 15mm Double Pipe Cover Corner Section. (See Pipe Cover datasheet) for specific details on cover system assembly including alternative installation methods.

  • Keeps pipes looking neat and tidy 
  • Helps ease losses in water flow
  • Compatible with 10mm Talon Hinged Clips & 15mm Talon Hinged Clips with 10mm Reducers.
Code Pack Quantity
AD15SBG Pack of 1

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