Mini Trunking

Mini Trunking

Mini Trunking

We supply Mini Trunking Mini Trunking in both adhesive and non-adhesive materials for safe concealment of pipes and cables.

We have been manufacturing uPVC Trunking for many years and have become the market leader for plumbing accessories in the UK.

Available in both adhesive and non-adhesive options, Talon Trunking is available in a range of sizes from 16 - 38mm and are supplied in packs of 12. Our Mini Trunking is supplied in 3-metre lengths.

Why choose Talon?

Our ISO certifications ensure that we are meeting quality assurance standards and providing excellent levels of service for every customer, in addition to monitoring our carbon footprint and environmental impact as a business.

This focus on quality assurance runs through our operations and all Talon processes. Products and services are closely measured to ensure that we meet and maintain our reputation for supplying top quality products.

Since becoming the UK’s market leader in plumbing fixings and finishing, we have introduced an export service which enables us to supply our best-selling products internationally.

“Talon’s approach to quality applies to our products, processes, people and partners.  Our quality management policy has been designed to support the company’s strategic objectives and is implemented within the framework of internationally recognised, standardised management systems”.

In addition to white Mini Trunking, we also provide Boiler Pipe Cover, Pipe Skirting Cover and more. Get in touch to explore our vast range of products or find out more about Talon exports.