Identification Tape

Identification Tape

Identification Tape

As well as our best-selling range of pipe covers and collars, we also provide Pipe Identification Tape in a range of colours, designed to signal whether there is potentially dangerous hot water or gas running through a pipe.

In accordance with The Health & Safety (Signs and Signals) Regulations (1996), all pipes transporting substances should be marked accordingly to indicate any potential hazards. Our pipe marking tape is available in three colours - blue, red and yellow - and are used as pipe identification labels for hot water, cold water and gas.

Explore our range of pipe marking tape below, or get in touch for more information about Talon products.

Our best selling ranges are Pipe Clips and Pipe covers but we could possibly change this to Fixings and Finishings.


Hot Tape

Hot Tape suitable to identify hot water running through pipes.

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Cold Tape

Cold Tape suitable to identify cold water running through pipes.

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Gas Tape

Gas Tape suitable to identify gas running through pipes.

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Why choose Talon?

We are the UK’s leading supplier of pipe identification tape in the UK, and now supplies companies and individuals across the globe with our export service. We have been operating for over thirty years and have become the country’s market-leading plumbing accessories supplier.

As an ISO 14001 accredited business, we are aware of our environmental responsibility as a company and are taking steps to monitor our carbon footprint - and we have also achieved our ISO 9001 certification which puts company focus on quality assurance in not only the products that we provide but also the service that we deliver.

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“An excellent range of quality products available through my local merchant, with good field support and after-sales service”.

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