Fire Collars & Wrap

Fire Collars & Wrap

Fire Collars & Wrap

Our Intumescent Fire Collars are suitable for plastic pipes (UPVC, PP, PE and ABS) where they pass through fire-resistant structures such as walls or floors.

In the event of a fire, an intumescent core within the collar rapidly expands to rush the heat softened pipe, sealing off the area, delaying fire spread.

We also supply a fire wrap which works in a similar way, expanding to fit the pipe and sealing against heat and smoke.

Fire Collar

Fire Collars

2 and 4 Hour rated Fire Collars available in 110mm.

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Fire Wrap

Talon Fire Wraps offer up to 2 hours' fire protection.

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Why choose Talon?

We are ISO certified in quality assurance, enabling us to ensure that we maintain the high levels of service and product quality that we pride ourselves on.

We utilise decades of experience to provide problem-solving solutions, based on a thorough understanding of customer requirements. All of our products are manufactured to the very best standards, allowing us to ensure consistent levels of quality control and high levels of service.

Our ISO Certification covers both quality assurance and environmental impact and we take care to monitor our carbon footprint as a large part of this.

“Talon’s approach to quality applies to our products, processes, people and partners.  Our quality management policy has been designed to support the company’s strategic objectives and is implemented within the framework of internationally recognised, standardised management systems”.

We provide a full range of plumbing Fixings and Finishings in addition to Fire Collars and Wraps, including Pipe Identification Tape, Plumbing Olives, Wall Plugs and more - get in touch for more information.