Boiler & Flue Box Cover

Boiler & Flue Box Cover

Boiler & Flue Box Cover

We have been manufacturing Boiler Pipe Cover for over 13 years and, during that time, has become the UK’s market leader in a range of products including Skirting Cover, Mini Trunking and Pipe Cover

We provide Boiler Box Cover and Flue Box Cover as sophisticated kits, including two fixing strips and one centre joining strip for simple and efficient application.


Boiler Box Cover

Talon’s Boiler Box Cover is made from the highest quality uPVC and is resistant to both acid and alkali substances. It is supplied in a kit form and is easy to fit, trim and remove.

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Flue Box Cover

Talon Boiler Flue Box Cover is ideal for covering exposed Boiler Flue Pipe.

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Why choose Talon?

Over the last three decades, Talon has progressed from UK market leader to global supplier and we now export our best-selling products to customers around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Italy and China.

Our extensive experience and focus on quality assurance give us a good understanding of our customers and their requirements and we take efforts to meet them wherever possible, including next day delivery.

As an ISO certified business, we have a responsibility to maintain consistent levels of quality and service to all of our customers in addition to an awareness and understanding of our environmental impact as a company.

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“Talon’s approach to quality applies to our products, processes, people and partners.  Our quality management policy has been designed to support the company’s strategic objectives and is implemented within the framework of internationally recognised, standardised management systems”.

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