As an Industry recognised brand – satisfying the trade for over 30 years in Plumbing Fixings and Finishing’s, here at Talon we use the highest quality materials across our product ranges making us a reputable brand to the trade.

See below all the products we have to offer to make your installs faster, more pleasing and reliable.


Pipe Clips & Accessories

We have been manufacturing pipe clips for over 30 years and have since become the UK’s leading supplier of best-selling pipe clips and accessories.

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Brass & Copper Olives

Our range of plumbing olives includes both brass and copper options and are suitable for use on hot and cold water systems.

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EZ Joist Clip

The Talon EZ Joist Clip offers a safer and easier install whilst stood side on for pipework above your head. All sizes of the EZ Joist Clip can be connected together via the dovetail to allow for equal pipe spacing.

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Fire Collars & Wrap

Our Fire Wraps and Collars are suitable for plastic pipes (UPVC, PP, PE and ABS) where they pass through fire-resistant structures such as walls or floors.

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Wall Plugs

Our range of wall plugs expand to securely fit into a drilled hole and enable easy fittings without causing damage.

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Pipe Collars

As the market leader in the supply of pipe collars, we offer a range of styles and sizes.

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Skirting Cover & Accessories

We offer skirting cover to hide pipework running along your skirting board or wall, whether that’s over skirting and direct-to-wall skirting.

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Mini Trunking

We supply Mini Trunking in both adhesive and non-adhesive materials for safe concealment of pipes and cables

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Identification Tape

We have a variety of Pipe Identification Tape designed to signal the differences between hot, cold and gas pipes. 

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Our Snappit pipe covers are available to fit 15mm and 22mm pipes sold individually or as part of our best-selling Snappit kits.

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Talon welcomes the new range of PipeSnug by Talon. The only AIRTIGHT all-in-one seal for pipes and boiler flues. 

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Pipe Cover & Accessories

Our Pipe Cover has been designed to offer a compact, neat and easy solution where unsightly pipework needs to be covered. We also offer accessories to give a professional good finish to the install.

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Boiler & Flue Box Cover

Manufactured from the same quality uPVC as all our other profiles, our Boiler Box Cover & Flue Box Cover offers a neat solution where unsightly boiler pipework (or flues) need to be covered. 

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Why Choose Talon Pipe Clips?

We are a brand with decades of experience and a reliable range of purposefully designed and manufactured products. We make our pipe covers, clips and accessories in-house, which enables us to offer consistent quality and inimitable knowledge about what each customer needs. 

In fact, over the last 30 years, we’ve grown to become the market leader in pipe clips and cover profiles. We have achieved certification in ISO standards, which underline our commitment to quality standards and rectifying any process failings promptly. As our Managing Director Ian Newton states:

“Talon’s approach to quality applies to our products, processes, people and partners.  Our quality management policy has been designed to support the company’s strategic objectives and is implemented within the framework of internationally recognised, standardised management systems”.

Our customers are happy, return to us and we have become a preferred, long-term supplier for many businesses across the country because we’re great at what we do. Talon makes an exhaustive effort to accommodate specific customer needs such as short delivery turnarounds and bespoke packaging.  We also have an uncompromising commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.