Become a Stockist​​​​​​

Join over 3,000 Talon stockists across the world who are taking advantage of the benefits available to all of our Talon stockists.

Although our range of Talon Hinged Clips often markets themselves, we offer a huge variety of benefits and sales assistance to our stockists to make sure you have all the tools to sell our products:

  • Industry recognised brand – satisfying the trade for over 30 years using the highest quality materials making us a reputable brand to the trade.
  • A team dedicated to quality checks for our products and production and iso requirements ensuring a reliable service is closely monitored
  • We only supply to distributors/merchants and wholesalers and value the distribution chain - We’ll actively encourage all consumers to buy through our distribution channels.
  • We offer free next day delivery on all orders (delivery FAQ’s). Allowing you to restock products within ‘minutes’