We Keep Our Carbon Footprint To A Minimum

In manufacturing, as in any industry, reducing your carbon footprint is incredibly important.

At Talon Manufacturing Limited, we take the environment very seriously, which is why every Talon pipe clip and associated accessory that we manufacture in the United Kingdom is made from premium grade Polymer (PP).

Here’s why we use Premium-grade Polymer;

  • PP is 35% lighter than PVC. e.g. if you have 20 tonnes of PVC, you can achieve the same result with 13 tonnes of PP. This means lower transport costs, fewer journeys and, most importantly, lower emissions.
  • PP is produced using a minimum of natural resources. No water, energy levels per tonne that is far below other plastics.
  • Production sites are pollution-free. No chimney - so no noxious fumes, and with no water used, clearly no water pollutants.
  • The polymer used to make PP is a by-product of oil refining - before PP was discovered, this fraction was vented to the atmosphere.
  • PP is the easiest of plastics to recycle - and can be reused up to 50 times before losing any of its strength. (Other plastics, namely PVC, are very difficult and economically impractical to recycle).
  • If PP is disposed of by incineration, again no dangerous chemicals - only C02 and water vapour. Also, a useful source of energy when burning.