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Hinged Clips

Back in 1986, Talon started manufacturing our own product: the ‘Talon Hinged Clip’. Thirty years on, it remains a staple product within our best-selling range of pipe clips.

Our Talon Hinged Clips offer a 360° fixing for all pipes including PEX, Copper, MDPE and PVC pipework for increased security and, manufactured using high-quality polypropylene, Talon hinged clips offer a secure fixing. All sizes of Talon Hinge Clips can be connected together.

Our Single Hinged Pipe Clips are available in both standard and ‘Flexi-Clip’ styles as well as our own range of Hinged Identification Clips, with five distinct colours to signal what the pipe is carrying. As examples, yellow signifies gas, red is for hot water pipes and cold water is blue.


Single Hinged Pipe Clips

The Talon Single Hinged Clip offers a 360° fixing for pipework. Manufactured in the UK this high quality polypropylene clip offers the user a secure fixing.

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Flexi Hinged Pipe Clips

The Flexi Clip range offers the user a clip capable of holding pipes of varying diameters between an upper and lower limit.

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MDPE Clips

The Talon Hinged Clip range is also available in sizes to fit MDPE pipe, available in blue and black to match the pipe.


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Double Hinged Pipe Clips

Double Clips are easy to fit requiring only a single central screw fixing. The Double Clip is designed for use in conjunction with Talon Pipe Cover.

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Chrome Effect Hinged Clip

Talon Chrome Effect Hinged Clip, ideal for securing pipework on new or existing installations. Giving a professional finish to any pipe layout, securely locking the pipe into place.

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Gold Effect Hinged Clip

An on-trend 'shabby chic/vintage' style clip, Manufactured in the UK, this robust easy to fit clip is designed to withstand repeated opening and closing. Offering strong 360-degree pipe support with a self-locking top secure fixing for pipework.

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Hinged Identification Clips

The Talon Hinged Clips are now available in three colours specially designed to identify pipework supplying gas (yellow), hot water (red) and cold water (blue).

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Why choose Talon?

We are a company with decades of experience in the manufacture and supply of Hinged Clips and has proudly become the UK’s preferred supplier over the last thirty years.

All our products are manufactured in-house which enables us to provide excellent service and consistent quality standards that we are known for.

We are an ISO accredited business in both quality assurance and environmental impact and this is present in all that we do at Talon. We are taking steps to improve our carbon footprint as a business, and have implemented suitable processes and procedures that focus on quality control and allow us to provide an efficient, effective and safe export service to customers outside of the United Kingdom.

Find out more about Talon certifications or how to stock Talon products outside of the UK.

Talon has always offered me a quality product on a next day basis, with a flexible attitude towards special packing requirements.

Mr Graham Head - Fixing Ltd, Kent

We provides a full range of products in addition to our Hinged Clips, including Pipe Covers, Pipe Collars, and an extensive range of Pipe Clips including Snap-in Open ClipsRubber Lined Clips and Nail-in clips for a variety of applications in both metal and plastic, as well as a range of Pipe Clip Accessories. Get in touch to find out more about Talon and our products.