Pipe Cover & Accessories

Pipe Cover & Accessories

Pipe Cover

We offer single and double cover for pipes in a variety of sizes as well as an extensive range of pipe cover accessories. 

With 24-hour production and ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certification, Talon also provide a trusted and efficient worldwide pipe cover export service​ to clients around the globe.

Find out more about ​Talon ISO certifications​ or ​get in touch​ to find out more about stocking Talon pipe cover products.

Our plastic pipe cover also has excellent weather resistance, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. But it’s not just about the practicality - our cover is also aesthetically pleasing and does not protrude too far from a wall.

 Our single and double cover come in four different sizes to accommodate different pipe diameters: the sizes range from 10mm to 28mm. Talon pipe cover comes in packs of 12 lengths.

 We also supply accessories including stop ends and vent plugs in varying sizes to ensure that our customers receive everything they need at once - supplying your customers with Talon products means supplying them with full service.

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Single Pipe Cover

Our Single Pipe Cover is manufactured in extruded white uPVC, using quality grade material rated to a UL94 V0 flame spread rating. It is also resistant to both mild acids and alkalis.

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Double Pipe Cover

Our Double Pipe Covers are made from extruded white uPVC, making them resistant to mild acids and alkalis. Flame spread rating: UL94 V-0.

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Pipe Cover Accessories

Our full range of accessories are available to suit Talon pipe cover.

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Backplate for retrofitting

Pipe Cover Backplates are useful when retrofitting over existing pipework where a different style of pipe clip has been used. Retrofit Backplates can also be used to give extra support to the cover in difficult situations. Backplates are available for both single and double cover.

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Why choose Talon?

Over the last 30 years, we’ve grown to become a trusted quality brand manufacturing Pipe Cover, Clips and Accessories for businesses around the world. We also make every effort to accommodate specific customer needs such as next day delivery and bespoke packaging solutions.

“An excellent range of quality products available through my local merchant, with good field support and after-sales service”.

We don’t just provide pipe cover - Talon is the market-leading supplier of Pipe Clips, ​Pipe Collars​, and a range of pipe accessories including ​Fixing Plugs​,Fire Wrap​ and more. To find out more about stocking, buying or supplying Talon products, ​get in touch​ and speak to a member of our experienced team!