Made In Britain

Made In Britain

Proud to Be ‘Made In Britain’
At Talon, we are not only proud of our products and of those that use them, but that from the start they have, and always will be, ‘Made In Britain’. This fills us with great pride, something we as a company can walk tall knowing that our quality is of the best
in the world. 

Not only that, it gives us the quality control our customers expect and that the products we manufacture in our UK factory are exactly that, quality, Great British quality. Giving the company the confidence to lead the industry.

However, the benefits do not stop there:

Shrinking the Carbon Footprint
When you choose UK manufacturing you are choosing the option that is less travelled. Meaning, the lower amount of fuel used for a shorter distance, creates lower impact on the environment. So, not only are you making the right decision in keeping your business local, keeping jobs in the UK, but also the greener one - a very important path for these sustainable times. 

Among many things for Talon we find, the impact we have on the world is very important. With this in mind, we at Talon are very proud to have fully recyclable packaging and a factory with 0% waste material.  

Faster Turn Around
Due to our stock being on location at all times, it means we can offer the opportunity of next day delivery for those must have goods. Which in turn means our products could be in your customers’ hands sooner, creating an opportunity of more sales per year.
Need next day, choose Talon.

No matter what part of the process, communication is a make or break point in any supply chain. With UK manufacturing the research and development phase can be more streamlined due to better communication with suppliers, making it possible to send out samples as soon as the next day. 


True British Quality & A Safer Brexit
Rules and regulations are the backbone of any UK manufacturer. Knowing that Talon live and breathe them, you can rest easy with the knowledge that quality control is at the top of the list in our production lines, always under strict quality control measures.

Talon’s certification to ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018 is a demonstration of our commitment to Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety within our business and enhances Talon’s reputation as a reliable and trustworthy brand. 

Still to this day, and if not more, consumers care about where their purchases come from. Using UK manufactured products helps give them the peace of mind that they have been produced to a high ethical standard.

And, in these unprecedented times, companies are looking for fewer risks, which can be found with a UK manufacturer. The fact that our finished products are not imported, the risk of logistical disruption is decreased greatly, making it the safer and smarter choice for your company.

Excellent Customer Care
Everything we do is under one roof, meaning the Talon team is all working to the same message with our customers’ satisfaction always being our prime objective. Customer service is at the heart of everything Talon does, directly offering answers to any queries you may have with precision and within a quick time frame.