Our Blue MDPE Clips are an ideal solution for pipes of varied sizes. They are the perfect solution for fixing MDPE pipe, PEX pipe, PEX and PVC pipework.


  • Talon Flexi-Hinged Clips are supplied in Polypropylene as standard.

  • Safe operating temperature for Polypropylene Clips

    85°C (185°F) is the maximum safe operating temperature for plumbing/gas pipe installations suitable for hot water pipe in domestic plumbing applications.

    Clip spacing

    The preferred spacing between Talon Clips installed along a length of pipe is 500mm.

    Load bearing application

    Talon Hinged Clips are tested for safe use with plumbing, gas and air conditioning pipe. However, our Hinged Clips are not intended for load bearing applications. Our Clips are designed to grip and hold specified pipe sizes only. A series of Clips spaced at 500mm intervals along a pipe installation will easily hold the natural weight of copper or plastic pipework. For safety considerations please do not attach or hang loads to the pipe installation as this may cause clips to fail. 


  • Perfect colour match for MDPE
  • Fits almost all plastic pipe including PEX and PVC
  • Suitable for all domestic pipework installations 
  • UV Stabilized, therefore will not discolour
  • Can be linked together with the dovetails
  • Does not warp or distort with temperature change
  • The Clip has a Dovetail to enable multiple parallel pipe runs
  • Suitable for both internal and external pipework installations
  • Compatible with Talon Link Spacers & Standard Spacers
Code Size Bag Quantity Box Quantity
TMS20/20 19 - 21mm 20 per bag
TMS25/20 25 - 27.4mm 20 per bag
TMS35/20 31.8 - 35mm 20 per bag
TMS20 19 - 21mm 100 per bag Box of 1000
TMS25 25 - 27.4mm 50 per bag Box of 500
TMS35 31.8 - 35mm 50 per bag Box of 500


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