Pipe Clip Accessories

Pipe Clip Accessories

We have been supplying Pipe Clip Accessories for over 30 years. As the UK’s market leader in pipe clips, our range of Pipe Clip Accessories are designed to fit Talon Hinged Clips, Flexi Hinged Clips and MDPE Clips for simple, efficient installation.

In addition to operating as the UK’s market leader in Pipe Clips and Accessories, Talon now supplies and supports customers outside of the UK who utilise our export service to access the best products in Italy, South Africa, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and Iraq.

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Pipe Clip Reducer

Reducers are designed to work with Talon Hinged Clips to allow the installation of a smaller pipe within a larger clip. 

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Link Spacer

Fits between 2 Hinged Clips. The Talon Link Spacer fits between two clips to set them a standard distance apart.

Available in transparent and now black.

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Identification Spacers

We also offer our Universal Spacers in identification colours to compliment our existing range.

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Standard Spacer

Fit to the base of Talon Hinged Clips. The universal Spacer fits to the base of all Talon Hinged Clips adding 13mm clearance from the fixing surface.

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Why choose Talon?

We are an ISO accredited business and have achieved both our 9001 and 14001 certifications in quality assurance and environmental impact.

These certifications ensure that our processes and operations focus on not only providing exceptional levels of product quality but that we also consider the environmental impact of our work, carefully monitoring our carbon footprint as a result.

In addition, we pride ourselves on our approach to working with our customers on a long-term basis as a trusted and preferred supplier.

As well as providing accessories for Hinged clips, we also supply our best-selling range of Pipe Clips around the world, including Metal Pipe Clips, Snap-in Open Clips, Rubber Lined ClipsNail-in Clips and more. Explore the range or get in touch for more information.

“An excellent range of quality products available through my local merchant, with good field support and after-sales service”.