Rubber Lined Clips

Rubber Lined Clips

Rubber Lined Clips

Our Rubber Lined Clips are an essential part of any professional pipe installation. They are the ideal product for the suspension of both rigid and copper tubing using threaded rods and studs. Our clips are expertly designed to fit two sizes of suspension

They are supplied with a dual-base thread, meaning they will accommodate both 8mm (M8) and 10mm (M10) standard suspension rods and studs. They are adjustable, which ensures they will fit all pipe sizes. The rubber lining ‘hugs’ the pipe as well as acting like a noise restraint, minimising the risk of any rattling or movement in the pipework.

  • EDPM Rubber certified
  • Will not decay under UV light
  • Fit with just one screws
  • Resistant to high temperatures 
  • No pipe rattling, clangs or vibrations
  • Zinc plated - prevents clips from rusting
  • Removable rubber lining 
  • Female Backplates and Male Backplates available 
Code Size Pack Quantity
MSTR18 15 - 19mm Pack of 10
MSTR22 20 - 25mm Pack of 10
MSTR28 26 - 30mm Pack of 10
MSTR35 32 - 36mm Pack of 5
MSTR42 38 - 43mm Pack of 5
MSTR48 47 - 51mm Pack of 5
MSTR54 53 - 58mm Pack of 5
MSTR60 60 - 64mm Pack of 5
MSTR70 67 - 72mm Pack of 5
MSTR75 75 - 80mm Pack of 5
MSTR80 81 - 86mm Pack of 1
MSTR90 87 - 92mm Pack of 1
MSTR102 99 - 105mm Pack of 1
MSTR110 107 - 112mm Pack of 1


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