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The UK's Market Leaders In Pipe Clips

Coloured pipe clipsTalon Manufacturing Limited has been at the forefront of high quality pipe clip manufacturing for over 30 years.

Over the years, we’ve grown to become the market leader in pipe clips and cover profiles; specialising in the manufacture of five different styles of pipe clip, along with a range of associated fixings and fastenings.

In fact, the company is now completely unrecognisable from its beginnings as a specialist supplier of fixings, fastenings and consumables in the early 80’s.

Hinged pipe clips

We’ve been manufacturing the Talon Hinged Clip for over 31 years!

In 1986, Talon went into production with its own product, the Talon Hinged Clip and other products quickly followed. The company now manufactures five different styles of Pipe Clip along with a whole range of associated fixings and fastenings plus specialist plumbing accessories.

Pipe cover

We also produce stunning Pipe Cover profiles

In the early 90’s, we started to produce a range of Pipe Cover Profiles and this range has grown to include Skirting Covers, Box Covers, Mini Trunking and Floor Trunking; all manufactured from high quality uPVC. These products have seen Talon grow in strength in the specification market.

Sales and exports

Comprehensive sales and exports

In the last 10 years, we have appointed a board of directors to prepare the company for future growth, both external and internal sales team to service the needs of our clients and an export manager to deal with the ever-growing penetration of the European and Worldwide markets.

Talon’s reputation is based on quality manufactured products available via next day delivery backed by excellent nationwide customer service.

Based in Kent, we have developed a reputation for quality manufactured pipe clips and fixings available for next day delivery and backed by exceptional nationwide customer service. Many of our clients are based in London, Canterbury, Oxford, Leicester, Cambridge, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Cardiff, Cornwall, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Rome, Johannesburg, Munich and Amsterdam.

Contact us today for more information about the UK’s widest range of pipe clips and discuss your requirements with one of our friendly and experienced team.