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The UK's Market Leaders In Pipe Clips

Suitable for all pipes including PEX, Copper, MDPE and PVC pipework Talon Manufacturing Limited has been at the forefront of high quality pipe clip manufacturing for over 30 years. Over the years, we’ve grown to become the market leader in pipe clips and cover profiles; specialising in the manufacture of five different styles of pipe clip, along with a range of associated fixings and fastenings. In fact, the company is now completely unrecognisable from its beginnings as a specialist supplier of fixings, fastenings and consumables in the early 80’s.

Chrome Effect Pipe ClipChrome Effect Hinged Pipe Clip

New Product

The Chrome effect hinged pipe clip is made from polypropylene with a chrome effect coating. The Chrome effect clips are available to fit 15mm & 22mm pipework in Bags of 10 or 50.

Product Information