Why people love our black clips

Why people love our black clips

Our social feeds have blown up recently with installers talking about Talon Black Pipe Clips - but why do they love them so much?

They’re clean, stylish and “funky funky fresh”!

Our Black Pipe Clips offer a neat alternative to the trusted White Clip, making your handiwork look just that little bit smarter.

  • They “Give the install a cleaner finish and they are just SIMPLY LOVELY!” - @_ashbrady
  • “They look different and awesome! Also, they don’t get as dirty. – @Wintergassaftey
  • “10x cleaner and looks pro” – @joecoxon94
  • “Looks so much cleaner, love them. – @robbyy_21
  • “Black the new white! – @pipe_wizard
  • “Different to the ‘norm’ been working with the white over a decade nearly” – @childofdog2
  • “They make me tingle” – @pipesandhoes
  • “Funky funky fresh” –@sbheatingplumbing
  •  “Aesthetically pleasing” – @lewis3vans



They look great next to other materials and finishes

Aside from looking sleek in and of themselves, the Black Pipe Clips look fantastic next to surrounding materials such as black boiler casing.

  • “Looks cleaner and creates a nice contrast against the copper! Varity is the spice of life! – @liam_watts87
  • “Look banging with the black magnets on the spirotech filters – @staffordlloyd
  • “Would go lovely with the black casing of the new Worcester boiler – @orbit_plumbing
  • “They won’t get marked in the back of the van, will look great next to black conduit” – @hp_plumber
  • “Makes the copper look stealth” – @rossd911

The love for Talon and our innovation

At Talon we’re always looking for new ways to push our products forward to meet the needs of our customers and their clients - and our followers love it!

  • “Because no one else is clever enough to sell them, we’re talon till we dieeeee oi oi oi – @liam_g_11
  • “They look amazing and they’re Talon Clips, why else” – @basab1989
  • “Because Talon equals awesome and good to use them along with the other colours – @topmarksplumbing
  • “Because someone in Talon, started to think outside the box and look great” – @sob98

Why not try our Black Clips out for your self and let us know what you think.

Why not check them out?

They are irresistible!

Black Hinged Clips
Black Nail-in Clip
Black Standard Spacer
Black Pipe Collar
Black Towel Rail Kit

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