Safety for everyone

Whilst its very much ‘business as usual’ at Talon, its vital our employees feel safe coming to work every day, so we have introduced various activities and social distancing measures for the whole site and our visitors.

We have followed Government guidance in being COVID 19 secure, including...

-Created a short ‘welcome back’ presentation for all employees returning from Furlough, which includes instructions on entering/departing the premises, break times and flexi working

-Floor markings to help you to maintain safe distances when working and several placements of new Covid signage to remind everyone of social distancing and the importance of handwashing

-Everyone receives their own bottle of hand sanitiser and additional pump bottles are placed around the facility and at all entrances/exits, as well as extra cleaning products to wipe down any surfaces

-We have installed protective clear screens to separate employees in our packing department

-For those that wish to use them or when critical jobs require more than 1 person working close to another, we have face masks/guards and gloves

- Signage and cones are now insitu for any deliveries, as well as a further cleaning station that includes extra gloves for the handling of foods and paperwork

-Our colleagues that can work from home, are doing so under the government guidelines

-We have also been in touch with our key suppliers to advise them of the safety policies for deliveries