Rebuilding lives after sight loss

Blind Veterans UK was founded in 1915 by Sir Arthur Pearson to provide rehabilitation, training and lifelong support to those blinded in the First World War. Since then, it has helped over 15,000 ex-Service men and women who have lost their sight.

Their team helps blind ex-Service men and women lead independent and fulfilling lives by supporting them with their in-depth expertise, experience and full range of services.
Today, they offer lifelong support to Armed Forces and National Service veterans - no matter what the cause of their sight loss, and regardless of how long they served, giving the much needed support to adjust to sight loss, overcome the challenges of blindness and enjoy daily life. 

‘We at Talon believe that whatever your views on the conflicts around the world are, one thing we are all joined together in is supporting ex-servicemen and women who have been affected by the loss of sight. Based in the UK, Blind Veterans UK was an obvious partner for British Manufacturer Talon, who have been producing pipe fixings and finishings in England for over 35 years. The whole team at Talon are delighted to support the great and important work Blind Veterans UK does and will join them in promoting the charity and raising funds.’

Talon Manufacturing