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A range of robust clips designed to withstand repeated opening and closing offering secure 360 degree pipe retention. This range of hinged clips provides a very secure grip when the pipe is in place and the snap tight locking top offers complete security of the pipe. The high stand-off allows for lagging and heat circulation.

A spacer is available to suit all single clips to allow a greater stand-off where site conditions apply or where thicker lagging is used.


Quick-Locking Single Clip (White)


quick locking single clip

Quick-Locking Double Clip (White)

quick locking double clip

Quick-Locking Spacer (White)

quick locking spacer no clipquick locking spacer

Quick-Locking Hinged Identification Clips

Available in colour coded versions (red – blue – yellow) for hot, cold and gas supply pipes.

HOT Identification Clip

hot quick lock id clip

COLD Identification Clip

cold quick lock id clip

GAS Identification Pipe Clip

gas quick lock id clip

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