Pipe Clip Products

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Pipe Fixings, Accessories
& Cover Profiles

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Talon offer a wide range of metal clips, brackets and fixings to compliment the Talon plastic clip range.

Products packed in poly bags. Available in plain or chrome plated.


Copper Saddle

copper saddle

Screw-On Bracket - Cast Brass

 screw on bracket cast brass

Screw-on Bracket - Pressed Brass

screw on bracket pressed brass

Hospital Bracket - Cast Brass

hospital bracket cast brass

Single Ring & Backplate - Cast Brass

single ring backplate cast brass

Single Ring - Cast Brass

 single ring cast brass

Double Ring - Cast Brass

double ring cast brass

Backplates - Cast Brass

backplates cast brass

Rubber Lined Clips

In addition to the standard metal clip range Talon offers a high quality rubber lined clip which benefits from a dual 8 / 10mm base thread.

 rubber lined clips

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