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The Talon Interlocking Hinged Clip offers a 360˚ fixing for pipework. Manufactured in the UK this high quality polypropylene clip offers the user a secure fixing.

All sizes of the Interlocking Clip can be connected together via the dovetail to allow for equal pipe spacing.


Single Hinged Clip

The Single Hinged Clip is available in a range of sizes both ‘standard’ format and ‘Flexi-Clip’ style.
The Flexi Clip range offers the user a clip capable of holding pipes of varying diameters between an
upper and lower limit.


Flexi Hinged Pipe Clip

Flexi Hinged Pipe Clip

Double Hinged Pipe Clip

To compliment the single clip range Talon also offers a range of double pipe clips that have the advantage of a single central screw fixing.

The double clip is designed to be used in conjunction with the Talon Pipe Cover.

Double Hinged Pipe Clip

Spacer - (Standard)

The Universal Spacer fits to the base of all Talon Interlocking Clips adding 13mm clearance from the
fixing surface.

Spacer - Universal

Link Spacer

The Talon Link Spacer fits between two clips to set them a standard distance apart.

link spacer

Pipe Clip Reducer

Reducers are designed to work with Talon Interlocking Hinged Clips to allow the installation of smaller
pipe within a larger clip.

pipe clip reducer



Interlocking Hinged Identification Clips

The Talon Interlocking Hinged Clip is now available in three colours specially designed to identify pipework supplying gas (yellow), hot water (red) and cold water (blue).


GAS Identification Pipe Clip

Gas Identification Pipe Clip

 HOT Identification Pipe Clip

hot id pipe clip

 COLD Identification Pipe Clip

cold id pipe clip

Grey Single Hinged Pipe Clip

grey hinged clip

Brown Single Hinged Pipe Clip

brown single hinged pipe clip

Black Single Hinged Pipe Clip

black single hinged pipe clip
The Talon Interlocking Hinged Clip range is also available in sizes to fit MDPE pipe, available in blue and black to match the pipe.

Blue or Black Single Hinged Pipe Clip (MDPE pipe)

blue single hinged pipe clip mdpe black single hinged pipe clip mdpe

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