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Talon Pipe Clips are manufactured in the United Kingdom from premium grade Polymer (PP).

  • PP is 35% lighter than PVC. e.g. if you have 20 tonnes of PVC, you can achieve the same result with 13 tonnes of PP. Lower transport costs, less journeys, lower emissions.
  • PP is produced using a minimum of natural resources. No water, energy levels per tonne that are far below other plastics. Production sites are pollution free. No chimney - so no noxious fumes, and with no water used, clearly no water pollutants.
  • The polymer used to make PP is a by-product of oil refining - before PP was discovered, this fraction was vented to the atmosphere.
  • PP is the easiest of plastics to recycle - and can be reused up to 50 times before losing any of it's strength. (Other plasctics namely PVC are very difficult and economically impractical to recycle).
  • If PP is disposed of by incineration, again no dangerous chemicals - only C02 and water vapour. Also useful source of energy when burning.