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Pipe Fixings, Accessories
& Cover Profiles

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1986   Production of the Talon Hinged Clips began in Strood, Kent - 2,000 sq ft
1987   1 millionth Talon Clip sold
1989   Launch of the Universal Spacer as well as the first sizes of Cover and Accessories
1991   Launch of Snap-in Open Clips, Nail-in Clips and Olive ranges
1992   Winner of Medway and Kent Small Business of the Year Award
1993    Move to new premises in Gillingham - 3,000 sq ft 
1994    Launch of the first Talon Fixing Plugs 
1995   Launch of the Talon Double Clips and the first sizes of Pipe Collars 
1996   Expansion to second unit in Gillingham, doubling space to 6,000 sq ft 
1997   Fire Protection products added to the range 
1999   Company name changed to Talon Manufacturing Ltd
  • Move to new premises in Chieftain Close, Gillingham – 11,500 sq ft
  • Launch of the Snap-in Double Open Clips
  • 100 millionth Talon Hinged Clip sold 
2001   Awarded BS EN ISO9002:1994 certification.   Launched Skirting Cover Range
2002   Awarded further BS EN ISO9001:2000 certification 
2003    First Sundry Items (T-Seal etc) added to the range 


  Open new Warehouse/Sales office in Strood, doubling space to 23,000 sq ft.
  • Winner of the Medway Small Business of the Year
  • Launch the Timber Clip range 
2005   Winner of the Kent Small Business of the Year.
  • Launch of the Box Cover range 
2006   Launch of U-Box, Boiler Box and Snappit ranges 
2007   Export division starts with first export to Italy.
2008   Launch of Metal Clip ranges 
2009   Warehouse/Sales move to units 4&5 adjacent to production facility in Gillingham. Space remains as 23,000 sq ft 
2010   The total number of Talon Hinged Clips sold reaches 500 million
2011   Boiler Flue Box Cover introduced
2012   Founder retires and the business sold to Davidson Holdings Limited Businesses in the group include:
  • Cistermiser
  • Salamander Pumps
  • Keraflo
  • Combimate
  • Fuelstop
    Today Talon is acknowledged as the UK market leader in the supply of Pipe Clips, Fixings and Cover Profiles.  It has a reputation for manufacturing high quality products, delivering on a next-day basis and offers excellent nationwide customer service with a full internal and external sales team.